The shipping container homes trend has hit and it continues to spread across the U.S. and beyond like wildfire! shipping container house design, container home design, container house floorplan, denver, coloradoBuilding homes from shipping containers is proving to be an economical, trendy and eco-conscious choice that holds allure for its simplicity and functionality. These strong, safe, uniform boxes are the perfect canvas for shipping container architects both professional and amateur.

Why are Shipping Container Homes Suddenly Popular?

Shipping containers began revolutionizing the shipping industry in the 1950’s, so why are they trending as homes 60-some years later?

  • Too Much Debt
    There is increasing frustration with the debt-to-income ratio of most home owners. A recent study found that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and that well over half of the adult population is in debt1. With job market uncertainty and company benefits meager in many cases, those Americans are struggling to pay bills. Container homes bring the promise of economical housing, allowing owners to take greater control over their financial circumstances.
  • Striving for Simplicity
    Tiny house and alternative material trends are growing social movements. As more Americans look to reduce their natural resource footprint and home upkeep commitments, container housing concepts are gaining in popularity.
  • Redefining the American Dream
    Tiny houses and cargo container structures have recently earned international media coverage from some heavy hitters like Oprah and The Huffington Post.  There are several reality shows based on tiny home living and design.  Home owners drowning in debt and unable to afford traditional real estate are buying shipping containers to build their mini dream homes.  Instead of waiting for the lottery to hit or the stock market to shine on them, they are taking control of their American dream with bargain based housing. In doing so, they’re getting out of debt, simplifying their lifestyles, and spending more time doing whatever is it they love. 

Living Outside the Box

A worry free life of no clutter, little maintenance, and no mortgage: sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  How dramatically would your life change?container home design, shipping container house, multiple container house design

  • 320 Square Feet of Living Space? Not Anymore!
    How many of us could really … seriously … live in the 320 square foot space of a 40′ shipping container?  This is where design takes us outside of the box, literally.  Shipping container home floor plans are extremely innovative and exciting.  Often times they feature large, sometimes retractable windows and doors that open up limited indoor space to the outdoor environment. Many designs incorporate multiple containers placed side by side and on top of each other to create larger, more sophisticated spaces while still costing considerably less than conventional structures.
  • Luxury Comes in All Sizesshipping container homes, container house, container home designs, container house floorplan, denver, colorado
    Container home plans can deliver a spacious, upscale feel.  In fact, the interiors of shipping container homes can be so luxurious that you’d never guess the origins of the “shell” from inside. For example, a 2,192 square-foot luxury container home in Denver, Colorado recently went on the market for $749,000.  Of course, purchasing that one probably wouldn’t get too many of us out of debt, but it’s a great example of a unique, luxury floor plan that utilized multiple containers and may well provide the seller with a more-than-healthy profit!

Building a Shipping Container Home in Colorado

How much more time would you have if housecleaning was a 15 minute task … for the whole house.  If you can only fit 5 shirts in your closet, laundry would be a simple chore.  What if the side of your house was a huge picture window … that was actually a glass garage door … that opened up making the Colorado outdoors part of your living space!

  • For Time, Money, & Freedom
    With no mortgage and no household chores … what would you do with the extra money; where would you spend your extra time?  Is the shipping container home trend a good fit for you?  Maybe you aren’t ready to live in a shipping container home full time but would consider one for a guest house, vacation home, home office, workshop, or garage area.
  • Research Your Option
    If you’d like to look into container options, we are always happy to show off our huge selection of shipping containers.  Various footprints and heights to will inspire your creativity!  We also offer custom painting and customization at our facility.

Give us a call or stop by to start exploring the possibilities!