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Finding an affordable business space has been a challenging endeavor in the Denver market for years, but lately, it’s become nearly impossible. But, what if you could own your space and take it with you as needed? Shipping containers (a.k.a. “cans”) are a big hit and container outlets and “parks” are trending in all sorts of industries.

Pop up shops are appearing all over the country, including the metro Denver area. A pop-up shipping container business may be a great fit if you can relate to one of these descriptions:

  • The Festival Follower: A business owner who tours the festivals, but is also ready to reap the benefits that a semi-permanent retail spot can provide.
  • The Chef on the Curb: A chef/restaurant owner who wants greater control of the business.
  • The Outdoor Mall Retailer: A shop owner who wants the flexibility of taking their goods to the customers.
  • The Garage-Bound Entrepreneur: The start-up business owner who’s ready to ramp up the operation (and have their garage back by winter) but unable to find a space that fits their needs and budget.

As a business owner you want your space to reflect your innovative business, but remodeling a leased space doesn’t seem like the way to go.

Take a moment and search the internet for pop up shop design ideas: you’ll be blown away by the variety you’ll come across! From a typical, rectangular shipping container shop to an outdoor mall created with multiple configurations, layers and sizes of containers – the combinations are limitless! Indoor/outdoor eateries and bars, retail shops, breweries, wineries, ticket offices, mini movie theaters, coffee shops, promotional event spaces, VIP lounges, … you name it … we can supply the base ingredient to create it. Let Colorado Storage Systems help you build a business space that’s all yours!

Need some more sparks for that inspiration? Read this story about how a local, Boulder team started their own micro-ranch in a Colorado Storage Systems shipping container!