20Preparing for seasonal changes usually means expanding your business’ inventory.  Whether you own a small retail shop or are managing a local big box store, seasonal inventory changes can cause some storage space challenges.  Shipping container rentals, as well as storage trailers to expand dock space, are an excellent seasonal retail storage solution!

This holiday season, you don’t want to run out of Pokemon Go Plus Wristbands, right?!  We know you’re ordering your supply now, in preparation.  And, while that type of inventory might not overwhelm your display layout plans this season, other products will.  Keep your stockroom supervisor happy this year by renting shipping containers for the overstock.

The Top 7 Ways that Shipping Containers Will Make Your Holidays Jolly

Our customers love the flexible, seasonal storage options we offer and here’s why:
1.  Shipping container rentals offer short term and long term storage options that are flexible depending completely on your demand.
2.  Save yourself money and keep your customers happy by having items organized and ready to sell. An efficient warehouse / stockroom can make a huge difference in your employees’ stress levels and your bottom line.
3.  Are you offering a layaway program this season? Extra storage is a great solution for those large items that would normally be taking up your stockroom space during the layaway period.
4.  Avoid travel and loading time by not using off-site storage options. Shipping containers can be placed directly on your property for as long as you’d like so that you can quickly access your inventory.
5.  Fixtures, decorations, and signage can bog down your sleek stock room space. Get those jack-o-lanterns and inflatable Halloween cats into a temporary shipping container storage space so that you can prep the turkeys and trees! All the while, your inventory stays organized and easy to access rather than hidden behind a pile of 50% off signs.
6.  Big storms? No problem. Shipping containers travel across the oceans! They are sturdy, wind and water tight storage options that can take on any Colorado blizzard. They are also extremely secure, offering you the peace of mind that your precious seasonal inventory will be safe and ready for those Black Friday shoppers.
7.  Bigger storms? Don’t let them keep you from your profits! On-site storage of your inventory means that you won’t be loading from an off-site place in a storm. And, you won’t get those calls from your supplier that roads are closed and your inventory won’t be there in time.

We know that many businesses count on their fourth quarter sales to hit their yearly goals.  It’s crucial for you to have your inventory prepped, organized, and ready for the holiday shopping season.  If you run out of that (or those) perfect items due to lack of storage space, your customers will not wait for you to get more shipped in.  Don’t lose those sales due to lack of space for inventory storage!  Grab a shipping container from Colorado Storage Systems and let us help you prep for the holiday sales.seasonal retail storage space, shipping containers

Call us or stop by today and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your seasonal inventory storage needs.

Shipping container rentals are also a perfect solution for store openings and store remodeling too!  Contact us for more details and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your options for retail storage solutions.

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