need warehouse space, temporary storage space, colorado storage systemsPortable storage containers and enclosed trailers are an excellent resource when your business hits a growth spurt or moves thru seasonal spikes. Many business owners and decision makers, whether in Colorado or far away, don’t realize how quickly and inexpensively they can expand, reduce and relocate space by utilizing portable storage units.

Need More Space?

Are you looking to expand your current retail, office, warehouse or other commercial business space? The Front Range commercial real estate market presents a challenge for small to medium size businesses needing a larger footprint, with rental rates and real estate prices reaching all-time highs. Denver and surrounding areas are also thriving with startup companies, many of whom need the ability to expand rapidly while keeping costs in check. Leasing additional space places a great deal of revenue pressure on a business and can quickly damage the debt to income ratio. Portable storage units, on the other hand, provide physical and financial flexibility with only a month-to-month commitment and a small investment per unit.


Need Less Space?

Maybe you’ve been researching the cost of downsizing your current space in order to cut costs? If you’re looking at cutting leasing costs but not confident on committing to a smaller space, you can be left on the fence for months while your bills keep eating up capital. Making use of rental containers or trailers can restore your confidence as you downsize your commercial real estate footprint. Retain that much needed capital by moving to a smaller space and renting portable storage units that expand or contract your total space as needed. That way, you’re only paying for the space you need at the time you need it – not to mention saving on the cost of heating and cooling that unused square footage!

Moving Your Business?

Whether you’re going into an expansion mode or pulling back on space, shipping containers and trailers are a great way to prepare for your business relocation.  Load up as needed while keeping production going and minimizing downtime during your move. An additional benefit is that you are prepared for a stall if you hit some bumps with your new space. Permit issues, wiring problems, final inspections, loan paperwork complications, even weather (like a couple of recent Colorado blizzards!) can cause major setbacks and financial burden during a move. Whether your move is delayed by red tape or El Nino, keep your business running and wait it out by using shipping containers or semi trailers as a temporary, extended workspace.

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We understand that expanding or contracting your business facility is a big decision with long lasting repercussions. Our team at Colorado Storage Systems is available to discuss your needs as you work through the process. We are positive that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of options we can offer your business in transition.


Give us a call today, visit online or stop by to find out if renting shipping containers or semi trailers is the next move for the changing needs of your business.