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Welcome to part 1 of our 2 part blog series.  The focus is on the best uses for a storage container. This month, we will be talking about the benefits of renting a container during your home, business or facility remodeling project.

Remodeling, renovations, restoration, and major home repairs can be a grueling process. They push your budget and operations/lifestyle into corners. Free up some space by renting a portable storage container. Below are 5 benefits to renting a container.


  1. No Rental Truck Fees

Before your much-anticipated “reno” or “resto” can begin, all of your furniture and fixtures need to be safely stored. A rental storage container placed on your property offers you safe storage space with the convenience of easy access. No need to rent a truck and move loads of stuff back and forth to a self-storage unit or location across town.  If you need to store items for a longer period of time and don’t have space on your property, we can help.  Colorado Storage Systems offers trailers too and we have storage available on our lots, with limited customer access.

  1. Work at Your Own Pace

You are on your own timeline. The benefit of a storage container is that you work at your own pace. You can bring that chandelier in from storage, find out it doesn’t hook up to the new wiring and easily put it back in storage for a few more days, right on your own property! No driving back and forth to a storage unit. Or, let’s say you start your remodel and then have to postpone everything when your sister decides to get married in Tucson next month. Just lock up your shipping container and get that RSVP in the mail.

  1. Secure Storage on Your Property

Portable storage containers are secure and weather proof: they had to be for their many journeys across the ocean on a ship and Colorado Storage Systems makes sure they stay wind- and water-tight. Rest well after a night of drywall work knowing that your prized possessions are safely locked away. That thief who wants your valuables will need to get his blowtorch and dynamite ready. Be aware that some portable storage companies use less-sturdy containers made of plastic and/or plywood, rather than the corten steel used in ocean containers.

  1. The Right Size for the Jobshipping containers, storage containers, 7' container, colorado storage systems

What size container should you rent? Your renovation and on-site storage container needs might be small. Some container rental companies only offer 2 or 3 sizes to choose from. If you want a custom fit for your needs, seek out a company that offers a wide variety of sizes. Your small flooring project may only require a 10′ storage container. Or, you might be taking on a multiple room or office renovation, in which case a 20′, 40’ or larger container (perhaps with doors on both ends) is the right way to go!

  1. No Sawdust in Your Drawers

If you’ve done a renovation in the past, you’ll already know that dust and debris get into absolutely every crack and crevice. Along with storing your furniture and fixtures, you’ll also want to remove smaller items from harm’s way and into your storage container. Hanging sheets of plastic to close off your work areas and using directional fans during messy processes will help too.


In part 2 of this blog series, we’ll have 5 more best uses including setting up a temporary home-office.

Need trailer storage instead of container?  Not sure which kind of storage would be best for your project?  Give us a call. We’ll be happy to offer a quote and answer any questions.