Benefits of Storage Containers During Your Home or Office Remodel 

Last month, we highlighted some of the benefits like no truck rental fees and working at your own pace.  This month, let’s talk about keeping your life civilized when your home or office is turned upside down.colorado storage systems, shipping containers, container rentals, container and trailer sales


  1.  Save Time and Money by Clearing Out Everything

The fastest, cheapest way to remodel is to clear the workspace out completely. This is true whether you are doing the remodel yourself or are hiring it out. Take everything that isn’t nailed down and store it all in a portable storage container. A remodel will typically take longer than you initially plan on. Constantly fumbling over debris, fixtures and furniture is only going to make your project take, and definitely feel, longer.


  1. Civilized Life During Home Restoration

Worried about doing the dishes in your bathtub or spending your evenings eating out every night? How long can you go without a hot shower? Plan now to keep your life civilized before breaking out that sledgehammer. If you have a major restoration project, look into renting an apartment or RV. If you have some space on your property, you can also set up a temporary living space by using a rented shipping container. Once your restoration is complete, you can even choose to purchase your tiny, mobile house! Use it as a workshop, guesthouse, or even a little rental place once your main home is livable again.


  1. Temporary Workshop Spacecustom storage container office design, colorado storage systems, shipping container rental

When you rent a shipping container you have the flexibility to use it for whatever fits your or your organization’s needs. The last two Colorado summers have been cooler than average with a lot of rain storms. All of that rain can quickly turn a 3 month summer restoration project into an 8 month Christmas present. Renting a 20′ or even 40′ workshop can keep your project moving smoothly, rain or shine. Rented shipping containers can store all of your tools and supplies. If shipping containers can handle the high seas, they can definitely handle Rocky Mountain storms.


  1. Temporary Home-Office Space

If your home needs extensive repairs and you have a home-office, where are you going to work? Even if the repair area doesn’t include your office, the noise from power-tools and machinery will take a toll on your focus. Also, remember our talk about sawdust and debris? Computers and sawdust don’t get along. You can briefly escape to your local java joint for an hour or two of free wifi. However, it’s tough to make phone calls in a crowded coffee shop, an 8 hour work day isn’t possible there, and your work may require more elbow room than a bistro table. This is another case where renting a shipping container can be an income-saver. A 10′ or 16′ storage container can be delivered to you as your home-away-from-home office. Who knows, you might like the extra space so much that you buy and remodel it as a detached home office space!


  1. A Happy Family

How long can your personal or business family live in harmony within the constant mess of a remodel? Their tolerance may wear thin as the project lumbers along. Trying to keep the peace while your space is turned upside down by a remodel? To maintain both productivity and sanity, take a moment to seriously consider a portable storage container.

Not sure what size storage unit to rent?  Check HERE for our sizes and give us a call to discuss your needs. We also rent semi trailers and we can talk with you about the different benefits of those in comparison to containers.